Spirit Medium Regina Byrnes

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"Faith is believing in what you cannot see and the reward of that faith is seeing what you believe"

- St. Augustine



Thank you for visiting ReginaByrnes.com. Regina is a spirit Medium for people and pets. She has been communicating with spirit since she was a child, thus spirit is a natural force of her life. The quote by St. Augustine accuratly depicts not only her belief system but also explains her condition as she is physically blind but blessed with being able to see from within. 

Regina has honed her skills as a psychic and medium throughout the years and she is a spiritual teacher and coach. She possesses the unique ability to communicate with pets, both living and deceased. Regina is recognized for her attention to detail and talent of interpretation. Throughout the years her evidential accuracy has converted many skeptics into believers. 

Through use of clairvoyance Regina can also accurately describe the past, present, and future, offering clients answers and guidance on topics such as health, money, and love. Regina uses her ability to read auras to identify her clients gifts as well as blocks in their energy. During a typical reading she uses all of her abilities to provide her clients with the healing that they require. Regina's ability to communicate messages with love and compassion provides clients with encouragement, hope, and optimism for the future.

This website has been created for her friends and clients to employ her services. It is Regina's intention for her clients to receive healing through mediumship in a loving way.  





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